As a toll services provider, Globex Extraction Services provides clients with the capability and resources to process dried hemp biomass into higher-value products such as Winterized CBD Crude, Distillate (THC Compliant or THC Free), and Isolate.

By turning their biomass into processed products, our clients have a fixed cost per lb. of manufacturing, without having to make a hefty financial investment in equipment, facilities, employees, and expertise. Our clients can develop the exact product they envision without the time and capital investment of building their own manufacturing operation.

By utilizing our Toll Processing Services, clients can create a more saleable product and significantly decrease the time required to get that product to market. It also gives them a more shelf-stable product, instead of watching their biomass and dried flower naturally degrade and lose potency over time.

Using our Toll Processing Services is a simple process. You pay to have your biomass turned into CBD oil. You can then further refine the oil into various other extracts or sell it as-is.

Toll Processing available as low as $1.50/pound (input) + Refinement

Splits Considered

Contact us, and one of our production experts will walk you through how Globex Extraction Services can transform your biomass into cashflow!