Globex Extraction Services is a Colorado-based, fully licensed, and certified hemp extraction and wholesale company. 

As a commercial producer of superior CBD ingredients, we use a proprietary hydrocarbon extraction technology that allows us to extract pure hemp-derived CBD using the industry's highest quality and reliability standards. We offer full transparency, so our clients receive the highest quality products every time. All of our products are sourced and verified by third-party accredited US labs. Choose from a wide selection of broad-spectrum distillate, full-spectrum distillate, CBD isolate, and crude oil.

Globex Extraction Services provides our clients with the capability and resources to process hemp biomass into higher-value products such as CBD crude, distillate, and isolate as a toll processing service provider. By having a fixed cost per lb of manufacturing without making a hefty financial investment in equipment and knowledge, our clients can develop a multitude of hemp-derived CBD products.. 

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