Our mission is to deliver reliable and high-quality hemp-derived CBD ingredients

About Us

 We are Globex Extraction Services Inc; a Colorado-based, fully licensed, and certified hemp extraction and wholesale company. 

 As an industrial scale producer of superior CBD ingredients, we use a proprietary hydrocarbon extraction technology that allows us to extract pure hemp-derived CBD using the industry's highest standards of quality and reliability.At Globex Extraction Services, you can trust our high-quality ingredients for an array of CBD product verticals including: nutraceuticals, food and beverage, pet care, cosmetics, and specialty products. 

Choose from a selection of non-psychoactive distillate, full-spectrum distillate, CBD isolate, water-soluble nano CBD, or custom ratios of minor cannabinoids; all of our products are sourced and verified by third-party accredited US labs.

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