Former NFL Player CBD Advocate & Consultant

Following his 11-year stretch playing for the Jets, Broncos and 49ers, Marvin Washington now spends much of his time and efforts as a CBD advocate and consultant for many companies and brands due to two reasons: painkiller addiction and brain trauma that sweeps the league. 

Washington’s passion regarding CBD spawns from his knowledge and first-hand experience with the need to use pain medicine for his own injuries and watching other players’ struggles as well during and after his stint in pro ball. Football is a high impact sport affecting nearly all of its present and former players medically in one way or another. When he discovered this non-psychoactive and non habit forming management aid, it was hands down a no-brainer!

Asserting that the NFL amongst other professional leagues do an injustice to their athletes, Washington states: “The leagues are poisoning their players.” He went on to mention that all four major sports leagues in the US have an issue with opioid addiction among current and former players. The information, study and research is out there about the benefits of CBD. It’s the pharmaceutical companies who are mainly to blame as they mislead doctors and teams about what is “needed.”

Going on, he states, “The future of professional sports lies in non-toxic, non-addictive substances like CBD.” Cheers to that Marvin, we couldn’t agree more. The industry needs to incorporate a safe alternative to prescription drugs and CBD is that answer.

CBD is currently being used for many medicinal purposes. In some countries, it’s used as a neuroprotectant to help in the prevention and cure of brain disease. Today, it’s popularity here in the US is known for an all-natural remedy for depression, pain, inflammation and the list goes on. 

A shocking study reports that 96% of retired players had experienced some form of brain injury. Injuries such as concussions can lead to Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), etc. That is quite a shocking percentage rate.

Several lawsuits have been filed against the NFL organization as they have been accused of negligence and cover-ups of the dangerous ongoing situation. 

CBD is and can be an alternative to addictive opioid painkillers in which cause addiction and numerous long-term side-effects in athletes across the globe

Washington wants his voice heard! He has taken a stand and joined many like-minded companies who support his mission to make a difference. 

  • Athletes for CARE (organization centered around raising awareness for critical health and safety issues impacting athletes of all ages.) - Member of the board of directors and brand ambassador 
  • Isodiol International Inc. (a global CBD innovator and market leader) – Recently appointed to the board of directors and brand ambassador
  • Owner and investor of a number of cannabis ventures.

Hard work pays off. Marvin Washington’s efforts as well as many other advocates finally made enough noise to aid in the approval of CBD and CBD-infused products clearing for use by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)! 

While it may not be a promoted form of pain management by professional leagues; it is off of the restricted list of substances. It is still up to advocates such as Washington to educate athletes about the uses of CBD rather than prescribed opioids. 

Cheers to you and your efforts Mr. Washington, keep on making noise, you have our support!